2017 JUNE Our Projects

Ideas for projetcs


1 Allergy by Luna Abad and Maria Gallo


2 Pressure cooker by Lucas Schüller and Adriana Barrio

Pressure cooker

3 Periodic Table: metals and non-metals by Claudia Mansilla and Loreto García

4 The carbon footprint by Adrián Iglesias and Celia Villoria

The Carbon Footprint

5 Crude Oil distillation by Adrian Suarez and David Carbonell

Fractional destilation

6 New Technologies in sports by Paula Cortina and Pablo Alvarado

Technology in sports

7  What is the ISS?? by Candela Suárez and Inés García


8  Project Titanic by Jaime Marín and Teo Campoamor

Project titanic

9 Solar Panels by Ivan Montiel and Inés García Pando

Solar panels

10 How do we make electricity? by Alba García and Pablo Erasmo

How we make ….


Click to Run

11 Drones, what for? by Lucia Novel and Diego Fernández


12 Social networks by Claudia Díaz and Aida Nuñez

Social media

13  XBOX and PLAYSTATION by Pablo Rodríguez and Juan Runza

14 Lenses by Inés fernández and Ursula Diez


15 Graphene by Iyan García and Noelia Fernández