"...I want to find out whether there's any truth in the belief that money can't buy happiness."

Planning an investigation

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What happens to our rubbish?




Practice with kahoot

S.O.S “Speaking of science”

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Which is the Most Absorbent?


We have all seen advertisements where two brands of paper towels are compared by observing how quickly or thoroughly they suck up a mysterious blue liquid or by wiping up some muddy footprints from their kitchen floor.

In every store, big or small, there are numerous brands of paper towels available, each claiming to be the best, the most absorbent or the cheapest. How do we prove or disprove these claims? How do we work out which paper towels are truly great and which are almost entirely useless?

Will the shape of an ice cube impact how fast the ice melts?


Ice melting

Worksheet planning-an-investigation


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Salt in the water ABC science with audio


Batteries are expensive, but you can make one for exactly 24 cents! In this experiment, you will make your own voltaic pile using pennies and nickels. How many coins in the pile will make the most electricity? See the project

Battery project

Radiation and data game

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Electricity in Nature

Takoma bridge

pH scale

pH Scale

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